Worldwide Photowalk 2012

This year marked the 5th annual Worldwide Photowalk, with over 30,000 photographers taking to the streets on a single day (last year was a 2-day event, but proved to be too difficult to organize). After 2 years of missing the initial announcement, I finally got into the group that visits the Fairlie-Poplar Historic District in Atlanta. I felt this area was special because it’s in the true heart of downtown, covering locations just south of Centennial Olympic Park, Five-Points Station, Underground Atlanta, Woodruff Park, and the surrounding blocks. It nearly goes down to the capitol building, but we mostly only had time to cover between the parks (COP and Woodruff). The folks that veered off with me actually took a slightly different route, which was nice as it gives a chance for capturing sights that differ from everyone else in the group.

A few notable locations were included in this shoot: the view down Forsyth St. is the same as used in The Walking Dead where Rick rides his horse into the city. The building shown is the old Constitution building, which has been abandoned for quite some time and already looked post-apocalyptic. Just a bit further back on Forsyth is the old pipe store sign, which marks the corner where Rick climbed in the tank to avoid the zombie hoard. And of course views of the Equitable building and other streets off of Luckie St. were also used for filming.

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