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The place you’ve seen without ever seeing. Known locally as the home of the Pullman Company’s rail car shop in Atlanta from 1922-1954, and globally as a filming location to several Hollywood films. When the need for a dingy hideout or post-apocalyptic backdrop arises, Pullman delivered. Soon developers will place their final bids with the state and submit proposals to […]

Pullman Yard, 2017

Candler Greenhouse, 2016

It was raining for weeks it seemed, and I had not left the house for anything interesting. Then I got a call from a friend about an opportunity to explore an old high school in south Georgia. He knew the developer getting ready to renovate the building, and we had full permission to document whatever we wanted before they removed […]

Former Girl’s School

The art group WeLoveATL was set to host a photowalk at the old GM Doraville plant last week, and I just barely made it to the website to sign up for one of a few remaining spots to get into the tour. Now I readily admit that for a local that enjoys a bit of UrbEx now and then, I […]

GM Doraville Demolition

As a child with a heritage from the steel city of Pittsburgh, I lived well after the years when coal smoke turned the skies black and rained cinders on the towns surrounding the old steel mills. Most stories of the mills came from my grandparents, but I have to assume they were similar to other states with a large steel-production […]

Southern Iron Works

Perhaps one of the best-known, infamous, and historic hospitals in the state of Georgia, Central State sits in the former capital city of Milledgeville. Its history spans over 100 years from opening in 1842 and has been known as “Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum”, “Georgia State Sanitarium”, and “Midgeville State Hospital”. It once housed nearly 12,000 patients in […]

Central State Hospital

Bostick was a state prison adjacent to the campus of Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, Georgia. Constructed in the 1950’s it served as a dormitory through the late ’80s when it was converted to a medium security prison for special-needs criminals. Closed in 2010 it has sat abandoned until being recently purchased in 2013, with intents to convert the building […]

Bostick State Prison

It had been a while since I’ve been out on my own to explore, but an unexpected visit from an out-of-town friend prompted me to show some southern hospitality. We toured a few common spots which proved to be quite depressing. Many locations had been freshly boarded-up, repurposed by new owners, or demolished completely. Of about 6 sites we visited […]

Battery Plant, Revisited

A unique opportunity arose recently, allowing a small group of photographers permissioned access to a historic Atlanta hotel. I won’t state the name directly, but it will be quite obvious from the photos which one this is. The building is currently undergoing renovation into a “boutique” hotel, so this was a chance to document what remains of the original rooms […]

Historic Hotel, Atlanta