Historic Hotel, Atlanta

A unique opportunity arose recently, allowing a small group of photographers permissioned access to a historic Atlanta hotel. I won’t state the name directly, but it will be quite obvious from the photos which one this is. The building is currently undergoing renovation into a “boutique” hotel, so this was a chance to document what remains of the original rooms after decades of use and abuse. The beds and most furniture had (unfortunately) been removed, but what was left behind was just as interesting. And yes, this is the hotel that contains a strip club in the lower level, but we did not venture into that area since it was actually during business hours. Myself and fellow explorers did manage to get to the roof, where it was possible to get some shots of the Atlanta skyline and the iconic tower on top of the building. What’s interesting about that is that the famous Sears building (former City Hall East) seen next door is also under renovation to bring a piece of Atlanta history back to life. It’s actually quite exciting to see places like this brought back to life instead of turning into blighted properties.

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