Dustin Grau

Who Am I?

My primary occupation is in IT, but I am undoubtably a photographer at heart. So while this is not my day job I still take the art and process of a photo shoot as seriously as any professional. At present my work is not specific to any particular subject though I have had experience with architecture, concerts, corporate events, family portraits, historic locations, sports, and weddings. Though if I had to choose a specialty I would have to say event photography is my favorite, because you almost have to be a jack of all trades to cover every aspect.

I’ve had an eye for art and a love of photography for a long as I can remember. I began with the Minolta and Yashika SLR cameras of my parents, owned several APS and 35mm point & shoot cameras, and I made the move to digital SLR’s in 2005. Though even from my point & shoot days I am happy to have had my some of my work purchased or published by various marketing firms. I am a married father of one, and my favorite subject is my daughter, who is a natural ham for the camera and loves to get dressed up for a photo shoot. I am currently residing in the suburbs just outside of Atlanta, GA.

My Style

I prefer to shoot with available light, capturing a scene as it is. When the need for light modification arises I generally take a small-flash approach as opposed to a big studio light setup. In terms of post-processing, for people I prefer to just work with things as they are and avoid over-the-top touch-ups (no glowing eyes/teeth or porcelain skin retouching, sorry). Though for some situations or when artistic expression strikes, I occasionally give the HDR treatment to my subject (typically landscapes or architecture). Overall I prefer a photojournalist (candid) style as opposed to a traditional (posed) style of photography. I’ll be honest, I prefer not tell someone how to pose or “act natural”, especially if I don’t know what is natural for them. I’d rather just capture the moment as it happens, and not try to make it in any way artificial.

Would I shoot (X) event for you?

For casual shoots such as corporate events, engagement sittings, or family portraits I’m more than willing to discuss your needs. However, for life-changing/one-time events you owe it to yourself to consider an experienced photographer. Your memories of your special day (wedding, etc.) are precious, and I cannot in good conscience offer my services for such an event that would be better fulfilled by a full-time professional.

What are your rates?

Portrait Sessions: These are personal sessions at $150/hr, with a 1 hour minimum. An hour is typically enough for a small family shoot with multiple poses/scenes. Images are provided in high-quality JPEG format for non-commercial/personal use.

Event Coverage: Photojournalist style coverage begins at $200 for the first hour (minimum). Additional time may be provided at $150/hr. Images are provided in high-quality JPEG format for social media and non-commercial/organizational use. For print media or commercial use, additional rights may be negotiated based on intended usage.

Commissions: I am willing to negotiate a fair commission for my work based on your exact needs. This includes any special projects or existing works that you may wish to license or purchase.

For reference, all hourly rates account for actual shooting time, image post-processing, and media delivery. I typically do not provide print packages unless requested, instead delivering print-ready/non-watermarked images in digital form. This tends to make the most sense for sharing via social media and allows you to print exactly the size and quantity of photos you need.

Can you bore me with technical details?

Absolutely! I shoot in RAW, meaning all images are pristine and original, exactly as the camera recorded the scene. This allows more flexibility in post-processing but more importantly no loss of quality between the camera and my software. I catalog and process photos in Adobe Lightroom, which nicely integrates with Adobe Photoshop for more advanced retouching needs. Given that digital photography is a data-driven service, and since my background is in IT, you can rest assured that all reasonable precautions are taken to carefully store and curate your photo files just as one would do with precious negatives of film.

Can I buy prints or image rights?

Yes. My library of work is available for prints or other usage, though I would prefer to negotiate the price depending on the intended use of the image (e.g. commercial vs. non-commercial, gallery print vs. magazine ad).

How can I get in touch with you?

I tend to answer emails more quickly, so you can contact me at photo@dustingrau.com. I can also be reached by cell at 678-597-8798, if you prefer.