Worldwide Photowalk 2013

The 6th annual Worldwide Photowalk took me out of the city this year. I felt like I had done enough there with L5P, Centennial Park, and Farlie-Poplar District in the past several years. Instead, I opted for my old college town of Marietta, GA and the peaceful National Cemetery. We walked the grounds of the cemetery, followed by the Marietta Square and Glover Park. I actually didn’t end up with much that I was truly happy with, save for some interesting headstones and structures within the historic park. The square ended up consisting of some headshots and candid scenes of the farmers market going on, and some of the city scarecrow art installations. However, I knew from the start what my final shot would be when I walked into the cemetery and saw the light coming through the trees. This was a very beautiful park, and the arrangement of the headstones alone is worthy of many B&W shots (mostly for the patterns), but it’s true that if you want a good shot you have to look for good light. And in the end I was happy with what I made, and happy that mine was selected as the winner for our walk!

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