Waking a Leviathan (2017)

In the winter of 2008 I joined a group of photographer/explorers to tour and document the old City Hall East building in Atlanta, GA. It was just purchased by the Morsberger Group and was to set in motion a revitalization of the Old Fourth Ward icon which originally existed as a Sears Roebuck & Co. merchandise warehouse, catalog fulfillment center, and retail store. Plans fell through by 2010 when the real estate market crashed, though a new buyer took control of the property in 2011 with renewed plans for restoration. This new project moved forward and the work was on to re-create the old Sears building into Ponce City Market.

Over the course of the 9 years since my first visit, I continued to document the building as allowed by the new owners. Eventually I had compiled enough images (and skills) to take many years of photographic learning and produce a somewhat consistent book format for sharing. Since I have mostly made these images available over the years on Flickr, I want people to see the improved content and exactly what is available before making any sort of commitment. Below are many of the images now found in a book I’m making available called “Waking a Leviathan” which documents this transition of the building from slumbering beast to an active and contributing member of the community once again.

Two editions of this book are currently available as print-on-demand titles. The first is self-published as a fine art book through Blurb, while the second is much more affordable and available through traditional retailers as ISBN 9780692911037.

Second Edition, Retail:

Second Edition, Fine Art:


First Edition: