Georgia Cup Twilight, 2015

I was actually able to participate in the coverage for the Georgia Cup Twilight race this year, which was great for 2 reasons: 1) I missed out on it last year when it first started, and 2) the headlining band after the race was Vertical Horizon. This year I made sure to keep my schedule clear, and had all the gear I would need to cover a mostly all-day race such as this. And as someone who quite enjoyed their first album, I was happy to see Vertical Horizon in concert. It was a grueling 9-hour day, as the heat was met with the typical Georgia humidity. I managed to follow the racers around the city for most of the day, capturing everything I could, and gaining many ideas for the next time I cover a race like this. And once the sun went down and the cyclists were done, I was able to turn attention to the live concert at the city’s amphitheater.