SE Railway Museum, 2015 – 1st Place, Exhibits

SRM, At the OfficeAfter forgetting about the local contest the previous year, I printed some selections as soon as the contest was announced this year. I attempted to cover all of the bases with my entries, from exhibits, to equipment, and even one of my daughter for a bit of interaction within the museum. My winning entry (1st place) was “At the Office” which was taken in the restored train station depot, and was awarded in the exhibits category.

The one regret (outside my control) was that there was a marked decrease in entries for this year’s contest compared to the previous year. So while I was happy to have won, it was not without feeling there should have been more competition. At least for the sake of the museum which takes in fees for entries, I felt like this was a bit of a hollow victory.1st, SRM 2015